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Modeling Tips

General modeling convention tips and advice
Information provided by various models, agents, managers, and modeling convention staff

While you're getting ready for a modeling convention, read these tips that will help you be at your best during the Convention. Make sure to check out the links for more advice from the insiders.

1. Remember - you only have one chance to make a first impression. Be prepared!
2. Be ready to answer a famous question "Tell me about yourself," and know when to stop talking.
3. Make sure you look terrific, but don't overdo it. Don't overdress, but also don't be overly "casual," even when you travel.
4. Don't assume you can or should wear the latest trends in fashion.
5. Keep your Victoria's Secret a secret…wear your lingerie under your clothes.
6. Remember that it is not chic or smart to smoke.
7. Drinking alcohol before an audition is not smart either.
8. Don't take your pet to an audition even if the little darling fits in your purse.
9. Don't chew gum…ever!
10. Don't use your cell-phone when you are in a meeting, waiting for an appointment or in a restaurant. And when you are on your cell, keep your voice down!
11. Never ever use your cell phone at an audition!
12. Don't tell people how tired or "stressed" you are. The entertainment business needs energy!
13. Read a classic book, study a language and take lessons in a sport you've never done before. And make sure you know what's going on in the world around you, be it environmental issues, politics or arts.
14. Exercise, be flexible and strong, but don't build too much bulk.
15. Take dance and singing lessons, even if you're a model.
16. Realize that not everyone will remember your name (until you're very famous), so be ready to reintroduce yourself.
17. Always be on time, don't make excuses, and don't "apologize" for your performance.
18. Don't put anything on your resume that is not true. Models: don't lie about your height or size.
19. Learn to listen! You're not learning when you're doing the talking. Learning to take directions is an important part of being a successful performer.
20. Learn that criticism from a professional should be listened to and acted upon.
21. Make sure you warm up before your performance.
22. Remember - your reputation follows you for years and years: ask yourself if you'd mind having those photos and a story in one of the tell-all publications.
23. Be polite and kind to everyone: that receptionist or assistant can quickly sink you!
24. You have to realize that becoming a star doesn't happen overnight and takes incredible passion, work and time!
25. Don't try to be anyone else but YOU!

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