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Modeling Conventions

Information about the ProScout Modeling Convention

ProScout: The #1 scouting company in North America
For 13 solid years, ProScout has been recognized by leading agencies worldwide as the industry's #1 source of new talent. No other company comes close to matching our success in launching new discoveries. Thousands of our clients have been signed with prestigious management companies, and our success stories ranging from kids to commercial to fashion to film, rank among the worlds top new faces.

Unlike amateur scouts, we won't waste your time with unnecessary classes, photo shoots and gimmicky website membership schemes. ProScout works only with the world's highest rated agencies, managers and network studios - and brings them to you. Simply put, if you've got potential, we help you meet the right people,!

Remember - all you need is to meet genuine top agents from the major market cities. To begin this process, simply show up at a ProScout free Open Call Interview. If we are not currently scouting your area, please submit your photo and get scouted online.

Getting discovered on your own
While it is possible to get discovered on your own it requires more luck, patience and hard work than most people have time for. Remember, this is a highly competitive industry, and you absolutely must meet the top people in the field. To do this on your own you must know who the right people are for your niche or body type, know what they want, get the right material to them and then pay all the expenses and travel fees to meet them in person. "Doing it yourself" can easily cost you $500 to $5000 in photo fees, mailings, follow-up phone calls in addition to travel expenses and a great deal of time. Since ProScout guarantee's that you'll meet the world's top agencies in person, taking the time and paying the expense of going it alone makes little sense. ProScout helps you meet the people you cannot meet on your own - the top industry "starmakers".

In business since 1993, ProScout is recognized as the industry's most respected scouting organization for new models and actors. Our strength is our reputation and relationships in the legitimate professional model and talent community. We are not an agency, but work together with over 150 industry leading international agencies who seek new faces. Our mission is to provide qualified applicants with an effective means of meeting the specific agencies required to begin legitimate work.

To be successfully discovered you must secure a legitimate agent. Without an agent you will not work as a model or actor. This does not require professional photos, comp cards, or classes. Your agent will help you with everything you need to market yourself and develop your career as a model or actor. ProScout is dedicated to the process of helping you find the agent that is right for you. Our agents work only at securing work for their models and actors, they do not sell classes, portfolios or unnecessary pictures. ProScout schedules up to 20 live agent review events per year, supplied by well over 300 free Open Call Interview sessions per year and it's online scouting resources. ProScout clients range from age 4 - 35, with a 12- 24 majority target demographic.

ProScout is a member of the Better Business Bureau and works only with established, industry leading agencies. Our success and reputation is based upon reliable, safe and inexpensive principles. Compared to any other way of meeting professional caliber agencies, ProScout is quicker, faster and less expensive than any other sensible method of getting started.

Finally, our long list of discoveries speaks volumes: cover girls, teen sensations, leading men, major ad campaign faces, sitcom stars, soap actors, TV hosts, music video personalities, kids commercials, etc. support our reputation as one of the premier scouting firms in the world.

ProScout, the easiest way to meet genuine, legitimate, star making agencies. Rated the industry's #1 scouting company, ProScout guarantees access to the world's most famous agencies. With 13 years of success, ultra-credibility and direct connections to every major agency in the world - we create stars like no one else can.

An Interview Session is where you meet the top scouts in person! Everyone is welcome, ages 4 and up. Interviews take just moments: You'll fill out a brief questionnaire, then meet with a scout designated by our agency partners. Interview's are fun and casual, so dress normally. Experience, pictures, and portfolio's are NOT necessary. Just be on time!

What should I expect?
1. Most conventions have large turnouts, causing the competition to be more fierce.
2. Many models may be much more experienced than you.
3. Many of the models will already have excellent portfolios.
4. There is no “one on one” contact with agents, that is just not possible at such a large event.
5. They can tend to be long and agonizingly brutal

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