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Information about the Millie Lewis AMTC Convention

What is AMTC?

The Millie Lewis Actors Models & Talent Competition is the most respected convention in North America. It hosts the Millie Lewis Actors, Models & Talent Competition (AMTC). It is family-oriented, educational, and invitational. For over 22 years, the AMTC has invited new models, actors, singers, dancers, and comedians to compete in front of the world's leading Agents. Contestants come to find out if they have what it takes to work in a major market like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Paris, Milan, or Tokyo. They come to learn.

AMTC Scouts and Regional Directors hold auditions throughout North America and beyond. They are searching for special people. They are searching for beautiful people, talented people, athletes, funny people, interesting people, people with personality, and people with desire. They are searching for beginners through professionals. They are searching for achievers. They are searching for children and teens from positive families. They are searching for gifted adults. They are searching for people in local markets who can become the next AMTC regional, national or international success stories. These special people will be extended an invitation to compete in an upcoming Millie Lewis Event.

At AMTC, competitions are offered in Runway, Photography, Swimsuit, TV Commercials, Soap Opera, Situation Comedy, Cold Reading, Scene Study, Singing, Dance and more. Participants perform for top scouts- industry leaders that new talent might never meet under normal circumstances. Years worth of auditions are condensed into 6 days. Instead of traveling worldwide to see these Agents, Managers and Casting Directors, Contestants can see between 50 and 100 respected Scouts in one place at one time. In this way, AMTC is economical, safe and smart!

Education is strongly emphasized before, during, and after the Millie Lewis Convention. School-age participants must have a minimum "B" average just to accepted in AMTC, and "A's" are preferred. An AMTC Affiliated Director provides a minimum of 24 hours of training before the Competition. In that way, contestants are ready to perform at their best, and they know what to expect. On site at Convention, an additional 20+ hours of workshops are provided for Contestants and their Families by top Agents, Respected Authors, and National Experts in the fields of Acting, Music, Dance, Modeling, Nutrition, and more. All AMTC Directors and Scouts in attendance encourage excellence in continuing education after AMTC, whether a contract is offered of not. They realize that a strong foundation of study will benefit and safeguard future performers.

Careers have begun for countless participants. Millie Lewis has placed hundreds of models with every major agency in the world, including Ford, Elite, Wilhelmina, Next, and IMG. They have been featured in international magazines and on covers like, "Vogue," "Cosmopolitan," "Seventeen," "Teen," "Glamour," "Marie Claire," "Jump," "Mode," "Vanity Fair," "Rolling Stone," and "Details." AMTC models have starred in ad campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, Calvin Klein, Prada, Miu Miu, Armani, Kenneth Cole, Xanadi, Esprit, Express, Versace, Aveda, F.A.O. Schwartz, Clairol, Avon, Target and more.

Many models and performers also compete in pageants, where AMTC participants have excelled. AMTC is proud of its many contest winners and beauty queens, including "Miss U.S.A.," "Miss Teenage America," "Mrs. United States," "Miss United States Teen," "MTV/IMG" National Winner, "Elite Look of the Year" National Winner, "Wilhelmina/ More Magazine" National Winner. Talent Winners include "American Idol" national finalist (top 2 out of 70,000), "Star Search" participants and national finalist, "Wade Robson Project" finalist, "America's Most Talented Child" (NBC) national finalists (Two were ours.), and most recently, First Runner-Up to "Miss America 2005"

Millie Lewis participants have starred in movies, like Mena Suvari ("American Beauty," "American Pie," "Musketeer," and many more), Ashley Scott ("Walking Tall" remake with co-star, The Rock, "A.I." and more), Roberto Sanchez ("2 Fast, 2 Furious"), Matt Czuchry ("Eight Legged Freaks," "Em & Me," "Slap Her, She's French"), Jeremy Nagle ("Red Badge of Courage"), Lurey Poston ("Girls Will Be Girls"), Alix Kermes ("Low Grade Genius," "I am Smiling Because It's Beautiful Outside," "The T-Files"), Daylan Honeycutt ("My Dog Skip" and "Rookies"), and Laura Stepp ("Spawn" and "In The Name of Justice").

Millie Lewis actors also have starred in series TV, like Mitch Holleman (WB's "Reba," NBC's "Daddio"), Evan Peters (ABC's "The Days"), Matthew Underwood (Nickelodeon's "Zoey 101"), Matt Czuchry (WB's "Gilmore Girls" & CBS's "Hack"), Ben Bookbinder (Fox's Oliver Beene), Erika Brooke Bradley ("Dooley & Pals," "Big Bag"), Erin Cahill ("Power Rangers Time Force"), Ashley Scott ("Birds of Prey," "Dark Angel"). Many more up and coming AMTC actors have had guest starring appearances on TV shows like, "Law & Order," "The Practice," "Dawson's Creek," "Diagnosis Murder," "One Life to Live," "E.R." and "Friends." National TV commercials are a staple for new and experienced AMTC actors; our child and adult performers have starred in ads for Oldsmobile, Target, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Dunkin' Donuts, Preferred Stock Cologne, Chrysler, McDonalds, Charles Schwabb, Playtex, Arm & Hammer, Colgate, Ovaltine, Toys 'R Us, Oreo, Burger King, and Aamco.

Millie Lewis Recording Artists have been on tours, in shows, and on record labels, like Antwon Buie, "Infinity," with MCA, Julie Gillespie with Universal, Andres Zapata, Ramona, and Sandra Lee with Sweetheart Records. Most recently, Diana DeGarmo, 2004 American Idol 1st Runner-up (out of 70,000) is charging with her musical career after being a child Singer and Actress. AMTC Dancer, Chryssie Whitehead, has been a New York City Rockette, performed in "Fosse," and was the lead dancer in the hit movie, "Save the Last Dance." Another AMTC Dancer, Steven Boss, was a national finalist on "Star Search" and "The Wade Robson Project" while he attends college for dancing. We have had Broadway and Theater Stars, like Emil Cabling "Miss Saigon" and Greg Johnson "Evita." Two AMTC Child Singers/ Actors are starring as "Simba" in "The Lion King;" they are Aaron Conley on Broadway and Timothy Mitchum in the Touring Production.

Education, Opportunity, Personal Development, Safety, and Career Opportunities are our goals. By inviting only the most reputable Agents, Managers & Casting Directors, AMTC tries to ensure that a new talent's entry into the glamorous world of Acting, Talent, and Modeling is a safe and informed one. AMTC plans to educate both the contestant and the family about the industry. In this way, a successful outcome is most possible. Millie Lewis's step-by-step approach allows local models and talent the time, training, venue, safety, and exposure to advance to national work, if it is possible. Family involvement is central to our mission. Three generations of the Millie Lewis family present the most family-oriented and family-friendly Actors, Models and Talent Competition in the world: the Millie Lewis Actors, Models & Talent Competition.

The Millie Lewis Actors Models & Talent Competition Mission Statement

The mission of the Millie Lewis Actors Models & Talent Competition is to promote excellence and integrity in the modeling and talent industries. The select AMTC Directors and Agents hold a great responsibility: the hopes, dreams, and potential of each contestant! These prospective models, actors, and entertainers entrust their vision of the future with us. We pledge to use our knowledge and connections to teach them, to promote them when advisable, and to protect them always.

We dedicate ourselves to our role model: Millie Lewis. Millie began developing models, talent, and self-esteem in young people in 1960. For over 40 years, the Millie Lewis name has opened doors for local talent to begin national work. In her name, the AMTC strives to be the best modeling and talent convention system in the world: to give fair representation to all contestants; to provide them with optimum exposure to the most reputable regional, national, and international agents; to host an open forum for learning about this exciting industry.

As a family business, we are in this business for families. Each contestant's best chance of success lies in his own motivation built on the foundation of family support. Our goal is to provide a protected environment: one where talent can meet with select industry leaders and make an informed decision about his future, with the understanding of his family and the guidance of his local AMTC Director.

Each contestant is a winner! Each successful AMTC attendee works continually to improve his skills, appearance, poise, and self-confidence; each chooses to make the most of himself; each meets the difficult challenge of competition, and opens himself to constructive criticism with an enthusiastic and positive attitude; each performs his visual and verbal abilities in front of a large group of people. These accomplishments build a positive self-image for any present or future career.

Not everyone can model, act, or entertain professionally; these fields are highly specialized and competitive. The Millie Lewis Actors Models & Talent Competition offers the opportunity to excel, a chance to be discovered, and the assurance to meet the future with no regrets.

The Millie Lewis Competition is a Family Business

Since 1982, Millie Lewis has promoted excellence and integrity in the modeling and talent industries. Leading Schools and Regional Agencies prepare promising new talent to meet many of the world's leading Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors.

The Millie Lewis Actors Models & Talent Competition (AMTC) is a family event, designed by our family for yours. We are dedicated to the example of Millie Lewis. Mrs. Lewis is a former New York model, who appeared in such magazines as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Life. She is a world respected leader in fashion and modeling, known for her legendary beauty, charm, and honesty. She began a group of modeling and finishing schools in 1960. These schools have been independently owned since 1986, and join the other excellent schools, agencies, and individuals that participate in the AMTC.

Millie's daughter, Carey Lewis Arban, and her husband, Dr Bill Arban, are the Founders and Owners of the AMTC. Carey has worked as a modeling school owner, written Personal Development Secrets and The Holiday Diet and co-founded the American Modeling Association. Bill Arban is a board certified family physician and Assistant Professor of Family Practice.

"We believe our Competition is the surest and safest place for new talent to learn about this industry. They can audition in front of reputable Agents from all over the world. Contestants can decide with their families if this is a possible career choice.

What should I expect?
1. Most conventions have large turnouts, causing the competition to be more fierce.
2. Many models may be much more experienced than you.
3. Many of the models will already have excellent portfolios.
4. There is no “one on one” contact with agents, that is just not possible at such a large event.
5. They can tend to be long and agonizingly brutal

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