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Modeling Conventions

Information about the iPOP Modeling Convention

What is International Presentation of Performers?
iPOP! is a Convention that happens twice a year: in New York City in July and Hollywood in January. iPOP! brings trained performers and models together with leading talent managing and modeling agencies from all over the United States, as well as Europe and Asia. Find out more about iPOP! here.

How will each participant benefit from going to iPOP!?
At iPOP! every performer auditions for qualified professionals who are currently working in the industry. Some will walk away with a contract signed right on the spot, some will be contacted later. All of them, however, will get a chance to experience the realities of the entertainment and fashion industries from the inside. They will get valuable experience in performing in front of large groups of people, as well as important agents and managers, practice their auditioning skills, and develop networking skills.

How can I attend iPOP!?
The performers must complete training at one of the participating schools to be able to attend the event. iPOP! is known for showing the agents only those performers who are learning their craft, are passionate about it, and have what it takes to become a success. Your teacher/coach will know when you are ready to show your beautiful talented self to the agents, managers and casting directors. You can find a participating school closest to your home here.

Which talent and modeling agents and managers attend the convention?
Agents, managers and casting directors can attend iPOP! by invitation only. Invitational list is limited to those agents and managers who are reputable and respected in the business, and have the power to launch careers for actors, models, singers and dancers. It's not "how many" that matters at iPOP! it's "who." Find out who are some of the agents that we're inviting to iPOP! Hollywood 2006 here.

Why are aspiring models and talent called "Performers" at iPOP!?
There are no "contestants" at iPOP! "Contestants" go to beauty pageants. iPOP! respects each participant as a performer, who attends the event to improve their auditioning and performing skills, perform in front of the leading professionals in the industry, and develop networking skills that will benefit them in the future.

Should parents come to iPOP!?
We encourage parents to come if they can, to provide support and encouragement for their children. Parents need to understand the business, know how to be a part of their child's career choice, and know how to support them all the way through. Parents get a chance to see how the industry's professionals work, and learn how to help make their child a star.

Leading modeling agencies from New York, Paris, Milan, England and Tokyo send their scouts to iPOP! in search of beautiful, fresh faces. Some models will be selected to perform in the final night showcase fashion shows produced by Mr. Michael Maddox. Models are evaluated in the following categories:

1. Runway
2. Print
3. Swimwear
Models can also be seen in Commercial Print and Beauty Television Commercials.


1. You must radiate confidence! When you go on an interview before famous designer's show and she/he asks you to walk, you walk through as if it's the real show: lights, music, audience! Wear black and white, simple clothing and don't go crazy with your hair and make up.

2. For the swimsuit competition, choose a piece that flatters your figure. It can be a bikini or one piece for girls, trunks for the boys. Make sure you look good in your outfit, and watch the tan lines!
3. Keep in mind that you should submit only your best photos. Make sure the photos are done by professionals, show your true qualities - your size, type, age - and make you look your best.

"We always find our best talent at the conventions. And this convention has been phenomenal, there're so many boys and girls to choose from that it is going to be difficult to actually narrow it down and decide who we'd like to represent."
- Grace Puc, Next Model Management (Miami, USA)

"I think there is a really great opportunity here to find new beauty, new faces."
- Osana, Success (Paris, France)

"The quality of the models I've found are much higher levels than on other events I went to before, and I don't talk only about the American ones, I talk about European ones as well."
- Maggie Fedorow-Berndt, Okay Models (Hamburg, Germany)

"Our agency signed several models at iPOP! 2005."
- Josh Robbins, Wilhelmina (Nashville, USA)

"It's not often that you go to these conventions and see the standards so equal, but we've seen a lot of girls and boys have been quite high standards."
- Tracie Bestford, Storm (London, UK)

"I was very impressed by the quality, the standards of the models. This is more than a convention!"
- Yoshie Furuya, Yoshie, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan)

iPOP! gives an opportunity for aspiring actors to audition for leading agents and casting directors from New York and Hollywood. Whether it's theater, television or being on the big screen, performers meet with the right person in the industry who can make their dreams and aspirations come true.
Aspiring actors show their skills in the following categories:

1. Scene
2. TV Commercial
3. Monologue


1. Actors will be given commercial copy in advance in order to prepare for the event. Scenes will also be provided and are to be performed with another member of your group. Make choices and bring the "magic" of yourself to the commercial and scene catagories.
2. Always have several contrasting monologues prepared for an audition. Keep in mind that choice of material should be age and character appropriate.
3. Remember that the headshot is your first impression in the acting business! It must reflect your personality and engage the viewer. The first thing a casting director sees when she/he looks at the headshot is not the photographer's style, or busy background. It's YOU!

"I found exciting talent at iPOP! and had them auditioning for feature films and TV shows the following week!"
- Susie Mains, Trilogy Talent (Los Angeles, USA

"iPOP! is an amazing convention for actors who have no connection to agents. This is their one chance to really shine, get discovered, and do what they want to do, which is to act."
- Wendi Green, Abrams Artists (Los Angeles, USA)

"iPOP! is a wonderful vehicle to view great talent from all around the US."
- Carolyn Thompson-Goldstein, Amsel, Eisenstadt and Faizer (Los Angeles, USA)

Managers that represent leading singers in the industry come to iPOP! to recruit new talent. Singers participate in series of auditions, and get a chance to audition for the Broadway Showcase that takes place the last night of the convention. Singers must have two songs in contrasting styles prepared. Their performance skills, audition techniques, vocal abilities, stage presence and commercial appeal are evaluated.


1. Prepare two songs in contrasting styles. One will be selected by you, keep in mind age appropriateness and the second will be chosen from a list of songs selected by iPOP!
2. Practice is the key. If you're open to new techniques and styles and take lessons to improve your skills, then you will increase your chances of becoming the next big thing in the music industry.
3. Don't be nervous. Sing as if you own the stage, radiate confidence, and the audience will feel it too!

"[iPOP! is] very elite, very selective, it's not like a cattle call. They've actually took some time to hand pick some good people."
- Anthony Meyer, Alumni Entertainment (Los Angeles, USA)

"At iPOP! you're really getting to see a group of people across the country who I wouldn't normally see. You really get a cross section of the country."
- Gary Salzman, Big Management and Entertainment (New York, USA)

Dancers who are professionally trained in Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop are seen by leading managers in the industry as well as interested casting directors,who evaluate them based on their performance skills, stage presence, technique and commercial appeal. Performers prepare a one-minute dance piece to perform on the main stage and a second piece will be taught by famed choreographers, Jeri Slaughter and Paul Morente, who have choreographed and performed with Christina Aguilara. Each performer will then be judged on this second dance.


1. Bring the music on a high quality CD and be ready to dance to it.
2. Professional dancers go to auditions in casual classic dance wear. Agents want to look at you and your dance skills, not your costume, hair and make up. Keep it simple, but not too casual.
3. Be prepared to make an impression within the first half minute. The moment you start dancing, the casting director will know whether you've got what it takes or not.
4. Learn how to be a performer, an entertainer. You have to be more than just a talented dancer, you need to carry yourself well, and radiate confidence of a true star!

"By coming to iPOP! you have a little hands on experience. You get to learn more of an inside of what [industry professionals] are looking for. I wish I could have had this experience when I was growing up."
- Autumn Smith, Radio City Rockette

What should I expect?
1. Most conventions have large turnouts, causing the competition to be more fierce.
2. Many models may be much more experienced than you.
3. Many of the models will already have excellent portfolios.
4. There is no “one on one” contact with agents, that is just not possible at such a large event.
5. They can tend to be long and agonizingly brutal

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