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Information about the IPAC Star Modeling Convention

IPAC stands for...International Performing Arts Conference

Our Vision

We are and will remain the most innovative modeling and talent industry conference, constantly growing and shifting to serve the needs of our industry while maintaining the utmost levels of excellence and integrity.

Our Mission

For our conference to serve as one of the largest networking and resource opportunities for industry professionals. To provide an exciting, professional, courteous and safe environment in which models and/or talent will be showcased. To create a win/win for all in attendance and within our network year-in and year-out.

What is IPAC?

IPAC is a conference showcasing aspiring models, actors, singers and dancers. By invitation only, scores of "A" list agents, managers, casting directors, and industry professionals from major markets around the world attend to find and sign new talent.

How do I know if I have the potential to be successful at IPAC?

You must audition for an official IPAC Professional Talent Scout. The scout has the expertise to assess whether you have what it takes. This is an extremely selective process-it HAS to be.

What about training? Is this important in order to attend?

Training is key at IPAC, and is included with the conference package. It is vital to have highly professional cutting edge training BEFORE attending IPAC!

Why does it cost money to attend?

In every business there are costs to getting started. IPAC provides the opportunity to be showcased, trained , and signed .You must be seen!!! After signing with an agent then there are no fees to be represented, agents make a percentage of what the model or talent makes.

Do I have representation during and after IPAC?

Completely. Your talent scout as well as conference coordinators will represent you and promote you at IPAC as well as after the event. Assistance in accepting offers and signing with agents is paramount and part of what IPAC is about.

What if I don't live in L.A. or New York? Do I have to move?

No. Agents will work with you on being able to take advantage of jobs you can do regardless of where you live.

What are my chances at being successful if I attend IPAC?

In this industry IPAC provides you with the maximum opportunity possible!!! Imagine the EXPOSURE auditioning in front of, and networking with scores of the top industry professionals! In addition, you will be educated in seminars and workshops from agents and industry professionals. Your talent scout and representatives will personally market you at the event. It would take an enormous amount of time and money to travel to where the agents are and then audition, even with just one agent -if you're lucky! IPAC provides your best opportunity to be highly successful by showcasing your talent in front of numerous agents and managers at one time.

How many contestants are going to attend IPAC?

IPAC is a boutique convention and by keeping the amount of contestants limited to a carefully pre-selected amount we can insure the all participants will receive their well deserved amount of exposure and time in the spot light. For this reason usually around 450 participants plus parents and guests.

Besides airfare and hotel, what are the other costs covered in this package?

Photographs of you that will be shown on-screen during your showcases, hair, make-up and clothes styling for your photographs, all your pre-conference training, representation before and after convention, transportation to and from your hotel to the airport, registration fees, and much more.

What should I expect?
1. Most conventions have large turnouts, causing the competition to be more fierce.
2. Many models may be much more experienced than you.
3. Many of the models will already have excellent portfolios.
4. There is no “one on one” contact with agents, that is just not possible at such a large event.
5. They can tend to be long and agonizingly brutal

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