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IMTA Convention
Click here to apply for local modeling conventions - FREE!IMTA is an association of international modeling and talent schools as well as training centers for models and talent. IMTA members consists of the best modeling and talent centers.
Modeling Assosciation of America International
Click here to apply for local modeling conventions - FREE! M.A.A.I. sets and supports the highest standards and ethics in the industry. M.A.A.I. endeavors to assist its members, talent of all ages, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds in achieving their greatest potential.
IPOP Convention
Click here to apply for local modeling conventions - FREE!Leading modeling agencies from New York, Paris, Milan, England and Tokyo send their scouts to iPOP! in search of beautiful, fresh faces. Some models will be selected to perform in the final night showcase fashion shows produced by Mr. Michael Maddox.
Millie Lewis Actors Models & Talent Competition
Click here to apply for local modeling conventions - FREE!The Millie Lewis Actors Models & Talent Competition is the most respected convention in North America. It hosts the Millie Lewis Actors, Models & Talent Competition (AMTC).

Southeast Talent Search

Click here to apply for local modeling conventions - FREE!Over the years those who have succeeded used this event to gain experience to confidently approach the entertainment business.

Schools and coaches
Whether you are looking for an acting school, modeling school, singing school, dancing school, or any kind of talent school, we can help you find it. It is easy to submit your info to schools that can help your career.
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At some point in our lives, we’ll most likely be asked to pose for a professional photographer - for an engagement, family portrait, or work-related event. As many photos show, it’s not necessarily a happy occasion.
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Talent agents
Agents can be basically broken down into different categories, A, B, and C. An “A level" agency has the greatest power, “pull”, and prestige, similar to how we would consider an "A" list celebrity.
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There are several types of conventions, competitions, and go-sees held throughout the world for models. These can be beneficial and/or a great learning experience, or a total waste of time and money. More intimate research should be performed on the event if you are serious about attending, because not all of them prove to be legitimate. However, many great careers have been launched and been very successful due to these events. Be sure to weigh the benefits and let downs of these events prior to attending, you need to have thick skin for this business!

Click here to apply for local modeling conventions - FREE!What should I expect?

  • Most conventions have large turnouts, causing the competition to be more fierce.
  • Many models may be much more experienced than you.
  • Many of the models will already have excellent portfolios.
  • There is no “one on one” contact with agents, that is just not possible at such a large event.
  • They can tend to be long and agonizingly brutal.
  • Stay confident. You never know who is looking at you while your back is turned.
Click here to apply for local modeling conventions - FREE! Get professional modeling tips for modeling conventions Frequently asked questions about models and the modeling profession Learn about model and talent managers Learn about modeling agents for children, teens, and adults Information about modeling and fashion photographers Find modeling schools and coaches Find local teen and beauty pageants in your state Learn about modeling conventions and find top modeling conventions locally